Tigray Rock Hewn Churches and ErTale

22 days and 21 nights

In this circuit, one can enjoy more of culture of the different tribes and the natural beauty of the Rift Valley in Ethiopia. In addition this circuit includes some historically significant sites such as Harar, which is regarded as the 4th Moslem sacred city of the world next to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. This town is also known as the walled city because of the wall that was built in 15th C by Harari (Adare people) to protect themselves from the repeated invasion of surrounding tribes.
1: Addis Ababa

Arrive Addis Ababa.
2: Senbete to Kombolcha

Drive through Senbete to Kombolcha. O/N htl.
3: Lalibela

Proceed to Lalibela O/N htl.
4: Lalibela

Visit the Lalibela Rock churches.
5: Mekele

Drive Mekele. O/N htl.
6: Dalol

Drive towards Dalol. O/N htl.
7: Dalol

Dalol (sight of Afar people extracting salt, spectacular view) and O/N camp.
8: Dalol

Drive back and camp for an O/N on the way.
9: Tigray

Dugam with Tigray rock churches. O/N camp.
10: Tigray churches

Tigray churches. O/N Mekele.
11: Kombolcha

Drive Kombolcha. O/N htl.
12: Bati-Mile

Continue through Bati-Mile. O/N camp.
13: Semera

Arrive at Semera. O/N camp
14: Lake Afrera

Visit Lake Afrera. O/N camp
15: Ertale volcano

Visit Ertale volcano. O/N camp
16: ErTale volcano

Ertale. O/N camp.
17: Afrera

Back Afrera. O/N camp.
18: Semera

Drive Semera. O/N camp.
19: Awash park

Afra people - Awash park O/N camp.
20: Awash park

Awash park. O/N camp.
21: Addis Ababa

Drive back to Addis Ababa.
22: Departure


One-day helicopter excursion from Mekele to Ertale volcano and back, for wonderful views can be done. Extra cost and advanced booking are needed.