16 days and 15 nights

01. SAT. Arrival in Addis Ababa. Start your tour south, to proceed to Zway Rift Valley lake. Have very nice views & spot different birds. Go to visit the new wine cellar of Zway (of Castel wine). Proceed then to the Rift Valley lakes of Langano and Awasa. Lunch in Zway; dinner & ON hotel in Awasa.
02. Early morning enjoy the fish market. Have then breakfast & proceed to Yabelo, visiting on the way the Guji & Sidama people, their villages, very nice views with green hills as well many coffee & different fruits plantations.
Lunch on the way; dinner and ON hotel Yabelo
03. Morning visit ElSod crater where Borena men extract salt from a marshy lake by hand & sticks. The salt is used for their cattle. Here you have to walk down to the crater: walking down in about 1 hr and back above about 2 hrs. Drive then the singing wells where the Borena men pass to each other the water and doing this hard work they sing. Late afternoon drive to Konso
Lunch box; dinner and ON hotel in Konso.
04. Trekk for 3 km south of karat town to Jarso, weaving village. Visit the weavers making their traditional colorful cloths made of wool & cotton, women skirts, men’s short, scarves & bed blankets and visit the village. Trek then 4.5 km to Dokatu village, visit the shoe makers made out of old car tires and have lunch at local restaurant to try the cultural food called Dama made of sorghum & moringa leafs & Karsha cooked beans (have extra packed picnic lunches from your cook). Trek then 7 km to Busso Village on rout visit konso cultural museum & walk through farming fields & admire the traditional terraces agriculture & the panoramic landscape of Konso. ON Busso village in camping.
05. Walk through Busso village & visit the community houses/Pafta/, victory stones/Daga diruma/, grave marks Wakas & traditional medicine man/Harmita/ of the village, get some explanation from the medicine man & see also the medicine made from plant leafs, roots. Then trek 9km all the way up & down to Sawgame village on route visit the amazing traditional terraces of konso people & landscape. Walk through Sawgame village visiting the pottery makers & learn how the women make their water boiling, cocking & coffee pots. Then trek to Fasha. From Fasha drive back to Konso. Dinner & ON in hotel.
06. Drive to Erbore people and villages. Then proceed to Turmi, for the Hammer people.Visit Hammer people villages and culture. With luck we’ll try to visit the marriage ceremonies, with the bull jumping; and in the evening the Evangadi dances.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Evangadi lodge
07. Morning drive to the Karo people, for their very interesting decoration, scarification all over their body and culture. From Kortcho village you’ll enjoy also a spectacular view over the Omo river. Then proceed to Turmi. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Turmi Evangadi lodge.
08. SAT. Drive to Dimeka village to admire the very colorful Saturday’s market of the Hammer, Karo and Tsemay people. Later proceed to the Ari and Benna people and see one village on the way. If time permits visit the very interesting ethnographic museum in Jinka. Lunch on the way; dinner and ON hotel in Jinka.
09. Early morning departure and start trekking thought the Bako tribe for all the day. After almost two hours walking in this beautiful vegetation we reach the village of Senegal. Short break to have some time watching women cutting the false banana leaves and preparing the Kotcho, traditional bread. We can also see people working the land, if is the right season. Continuing walking till lunch time where we stop at Bako. Departure to reach Dell. We can see many species of birds, in this are we can find more than 280 species. All the time we are walking at an average altitude of 2100 mts, that’s why of this lush vegetation and cold air. Lunch will be picnic lunch on the way. We reach the village of Dell for ON (overnight) in camp and dinner by our cook.
10. Departure from Debre Tsehay through the Shangama tribe area. The highland altitude vegetation of this area is very particular due also to the latitude is placed. These people grow also a lot of different type of spices. The people of these days are of Omotic origins and with a body carved by the fatigue of working the land. All of them are farmers and really very hard working people. You will be amazed by their social life; women and men are working the all day. Although this entire work and hardship people is always happy and welcoming. We will walk for about four hours with many stops to admire the scenery that this track offers us. Stop for lunch at the village of Shangama Bili. Departure after a recharging rest to reach the village of Meizer where we will stop for dinner and overnight.
11. Leave at early morning through the Balamer tribe area. As usual admiring the best landscapes. We are finding always a different type of approach from the villagers as we change altitude and way of life. We are now proceeding to the Mursi land. The area is still as the one we have visited in the previous days. We will walk as usual for the all morning to reach the lunch place in this beautiful savannah. In the afternoon walking in this wonderful landscape to reach the village of Balamer. This is the last big village we visit of the Ari people. If market day, Saturday, we can see all this tribes at the market. Dinner & ON camping Balamer.
12. Today we will encounter the famous Mursi tribes. We are walking to the lowland and so the vegetation will change from highland mountainous to the acacia lowland vegetation. The difference will be amazing. Stopover for lunch under big trees of the Maki River. Continue to reach Maki Mursi. We are now in the Mursi are which are famous for the men body scarification and women having plates into their lips for beauty. These tribes are semi nomads, of Nilotic origins, and they travel with their cattle to different area for water. If lucky we can participate to a Donga game, a stick battle to identify the winner that will be respected by all the young men of the village. Dinner and overnight camping at Maki Mursi.
13. Drive to Jinka, the Weyto valley and to Gato, to visit the interesting Konso & Derase people market. After this drive to Arbaminch.
Lunch on the way, dinner & ON Arbaminch Swaynes hotel.
14. Drive to Chencha mountains to visit the Dorze people, with their unique culture, houses and traditions. Are famous for their elephant trunk shape houses and their cultivation of the false banana, from which root their extract the Kotcho, which is their traditional bread. Make a day walking at Maze mountain. Late afternoon drive back to Arbaminch.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Swaynes hotel.
15. Morning have a boat excursion on Chamo lake to admire the biggest crocodiles in Africa (reach 6 meters of length), hippos and birds. Reach the other side of the lake and then trek through the Netch Sar National park admiring fantastic views & animals as the endemic Swaynes Hartebeest, zebras & other. Meet finally your vehicles and drive back to your hotel. Lunch box; dinner & ON Swaynes hotel
16. SUN. Drive back to Addis Ababa. Afternoon for souvenir shops & visit the mercato, biggest open air market in Africa. Lunch on the way, dinner in a traditional restaurant with folkloristic dances. After dinner transfer to the airport for departure