02 - GLT 310. OMO VALLEY

Rift Valley and Turmi

11 days and 10 nights

1: Addis Ababa

We suggest start on SUN. Beginning of the tour in Addis Ababa.
Afternoon (1400 hrs from the hotel) start the tour: visit Entoto mountains with views over the capital, the National museum, St George church.. ON (overnight) hotel.
2: Arbaminch

Drive to Arbaminch, admiring very green views, the Guraghe people and villages; as make some stops for the Wolayta people. Reach late afternoon to Arbaminch, to relax with spectacular sunset at the Swaynes hotel, with very spectacular views over Chamo & Abaya lakes. ON Swaynes hotel.
3: Arbaminch - Jinka

Drive to Jinka, admiring the Konso, Derase, Tsemay, Ari and Benna people. Make a stop to visit Konso people, which are famous for the terracing agriculture, way of life in the villages, traditions and more. ON Jinka in htl or camp (depend on availability)
4: Jinka, Mago National Park

Enter into the Mago National park, admiring different mammals and birds on the way; and proceed to visit the Mursi people and villages. Here for beauty women use to put round plates into their lips. Lunch box; afternoon back Jinka. Visit the Jinka museum and walk to visit the town. ON in htl or camp
5: Turmi

Drive to Turmi, admiring Thursday very colorful KeyAfer village market of the Tsemay and Erbore people. Proceed then to visit the Hamer people. If lucky evening see one of their dances, the Evangadi. ON Turmi Evangadi lodge (bungalows or camping- pls pass us your choice asap to check availibility)
6: Karo people (Omo River) - Turmi

Drive to visit the Karo people, for their very interesting decoration and scarification all over their body; and very nice views over Omo river from Kortcho village. Back afternoon to the very interesting Hamer people and visit their villages. With luck we’ll try also to participate to their marriage ceremonies, with the bull jumping & more. ON Turmi
7: Turmi - Arbaminch (Dimeka market)

Proceed to Arbaminch, admiring on the way the very colorful
Hamer, Karo and Dassanech people market at Dimeka village. Lunch box. Reach late afternoon Arbaminch. ON Swaynes htl.
8: Arbaminch (Chencha and Chamo Lake)

Morning drive to Chencha, for the Dorze people, with their unique culture, houses, and traditions. Afternoon boat on Chamo lake for crocodiles (biggest in Africa- 6 mts long), hippos and more. ON Swaynes hotel.
9: Arbaminch - Langano Lake

Drive through Wolayta people and very nice views, to the Rift Valley lakes of Shala & Abyata for birds, views, hot springs. Reach late afternoon to relax with a very nice sunset over Rift Valley lakes of Langano, at the Wenney eco-lodge, secluded in a natural paradise at shore of lake Langano and near to Munessa forest. Possibility of trekking, bird-watching, horse-riding, boat excursion, cycling, and more. Don’t miss the fantastic sunset, with your drink on hand.
10: Langano - Addis Ababa

Relax Langano (make any of the above activities). Lunch.
Afternoon drive back to Addis. Evening traditional dinner with folkloristic dances. Evening or next day departure
11: Departure